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Oh my god it got even better



Oh my god it got even better

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So cute



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My new fan, because deer God is it hot in Tokyo.

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Tokyo, day 2

I am drunk after visiting an Izakaya, and I ate raw tentacle. I also visited Takeshita doori, Harajuku and Shibuya, but did not have time to buy anything besides a very necessary fan (pink with bunnies on it). I will return later to spend all of my money.

I did indeed fuck up my exam, and get put in the beginner class, but I did well enough that they are allowing me to transfer to intermediate, now that I’ve asked. I also somehow managed to integrate socially for once, and made more friends than I can count. uwu

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Top: Primary mammary blood vessels, deep tissue of nipple, outer nipple and areola

Bottom: Lymphatic supply to breast, vertical view of mammary duct exit, lactiferous ducts

The human breast is an odd organ, even among mammals. It is significantly developed even before pregnancy, while most mammals develop only the ductal regions (the nipple and its connecting supply) prior to parturition, and its variance between individuals can be massive, even while they all function equally well for supplying nutriment to our offspring.

The lactiferous ducts are the smallest units of the lactation (milk-supplying) system of the breast, and the epithelial cells within them extract the nutrients and liquid from the lymphatic and circulatory system when they’re triggered by the hormone prolactin, which is secreted both in response to labor and from suckling. Though the massive dose of prolactin from late-term pregnancy and giving birth is what kick-starts milk production, the suckling action is what keeps it going. In some humans (even some males), the prolactin secretion in response to sustained suckling is enough to begin producing milk, themselves.

Atlas d’Anatomie Descriptive du Corps Humain. C. Bonamy and Paul Broca, 1866.

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I finally got a smartphone with internet, just before I left England. This is my first post using it (with my dorm’s wifi), so hopefully it works!

I’m pretty sure I failed my placement test and will be put in tthe beginner class.. I’m so angry at myself because I know over 300 kanji, yet I forgot some katakana, for some reason.

But then the man at the konbini said my Japanese was good (in Japanese), so I’m choosing to believe him even though I know Japanese people always say that. uwu

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Subconjuncitval hemorrhage

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I have arrived in Tokyo, and am horrifically jet-lagged. Japan is amazing, though it’s so strange to finally get here after 11 years; I felt sure I had made the whole country up, or the world would end before my plane landed.

Either my new netbook, or the wifi, is really slow though, so I’ve had to slow down my queue, and probably won’t be able to post much. I would very much welcome suggestions of things to do, and messages of encouragement, even if I don’t manage to reply to them; as I am very homesick.

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little rose (by kamarza)

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